There was a boy who was living away from his parents. His life was boring; he woke up, went to work and turned back home. His social life was dull too, because he was a bit shy. His name was Jason.

One day, Jason saw a girl who looked like Şebnem FERAH, from the window of the opposite building when he was working. The girl’s name was Stacey. Jason wached the girl for a few seconds. Stacey didn’t notice before, but later she saw Jason too. She made a joke and wrote “take a photo” in capitals, onto a paper and showed it to him. Jason was amazed. Then she wrote “I’m kidding” on to another paper and showed it. Jason was happy and relaxed. They both wrote their names on to papers and held them to each other to introduce themselves.

On the following days, Jason was very happy. One day, they played the same game which called noughts and crosses from window to window. However, when they were playing the game, Jason fell down from chair in the meeting. On another day, they drew some smiling faces onto a paper and put this papers onto thier faces like a mask. Jason kept papers which were written by him on his fridge.

A few days later, a man came to the Stacey’s room while they were talking from window to window. The man said something and Stacey and she went with him. Next day, Jason woke up and went to work excitedly. But he couldn’t see Stacey behind her window. Sadly it was an unknown man who came to Stacey’s office when Jason was waiting her. Some boring days later, Jason realized a beam of light when he was working. He looked the opposite building and saw Stacey. Stacey was waving to him from a different window this time because she had got promoted and moved to this office. They decided to meet and went to street.

Writen by Selman Dadak


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