What makes us happy ?

I’m sure that reasons of happiness  are different and  we don’t have common reasons for our happiness. Everyone might be happy with the little things or they might not be happy even with things make all happy.

The following things can make me happy (that depends)

  • To rapidly climb up or down  high stairs
  • To sit in a cafeteria for hours without ordering a drink and get one when I’m leaving
  • To see eaters’ face expressions look happy when I’m the one who has made the meal
  • When it’s only me who is able to give correct answers  at a quiz show on TV, when the whole family is watching it 
  • To eat poached pumkin after  white beans in Suleymaniye
  • To listen to Istanbul with my eyes –closed on a windy night
  • To help people who can’t  find anyone to answer her/his question except me, particularly foreign people
  • To sing a song in a very noisy place that I can’t hear my own voice neither others
  • To escape from a big wave in the sea
  • To be able to remember  new stuff I have learnt even after many days 
  • To sense that actually nothing  has happened after waking up from nightmare
  • To know question of two times two after I hit my head hard
By Bilal

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