Life is playful

Once there was a little girl called Jane, she was 15. She lived in California with her parents who were famous doctors in the country. She was happy until her parents died tragically in an accident that she was in the car too. She was saved but now she wished she’d died with them. After that nothing was like before. She didn’t laugh anymore and lost life force. She could not forget the facts about the accident, her father and mother in blood. Lifelong she often saw this nightmare. She sought psychological help for 3 months. After therapy, she continued education in high school. Her dream was to be a toy designer, she loved toys. By the way, neither father’s family nor mothers did ask and want her, on the contrary they refused her because her mother Alice had left her ex-husband, her father Samuel, had left ex-wife and got marriage. Of course, this was a going against to each family. But they had unhappy marriages before they met. This marriage got each family angry and the accident upset them but didn’t make them forgiving. An innocent girl was victim of pride and tradition.

She was aware this situation and needed to be strong. She had to get used to living without parents, and she did it. Firstly, she finished school then when she was 18, took his parents legacy and won a good university and began her dream “art and design” , she fell in love. The boy was (handsome like me) a friend, a father, a mother for Jane. Everything was OK. She became rich,happy, cultured without dad and mum. But one day nightmares  she saw after accident  came true. One high-speed car crashed her on Street mercilessly. She was taken intensive treatment unit, fortunately would live with some bone fractures and losing her eyes. Her love Jack accompanied her, while she was staying in hospital. When she  came to life said “ in spite of everything, life is beautiful”

After she healed, she decided to move to another city with her servant Alisa. But she loved Jack and didn’t want to leave . However, she was a blind girl and her love was not.. she moved to another city Los Angeles without telling him……….

Years later, Jane was a famous toy designer and the biggest toy factory  owner in west America. (((When she moved to Los Angeles, she set to work on design some gift toys for parents, lovers. She was dreaming and drawing  also Alisa was helping her. So that  she had a lot of toy projects, and she decided to start manufacturing her own toys. To be able to do this, she took the money she had inherited from her parents. And she offered one friend to be shareholder, Kelly in university and they started to grow up)))

One day she was in a cafeteria alone and was thinking the day when she would see Jack again. She knew that maybe in heaven or nowhere . At that time the chair of the next table of her was taken  and someone sat down. She began listening to the familiar breath which speeded up her heartbeat. The breath was closer. And low and tearful voice said slowly “why” why did you punish me ? huh”  put his forehead to hers and Jane began to cry “Jack…”

Jack said “I love you, how you are?”  “How did you find me?” She was not crying anymore now she was laughing “your common search one personel to design”. they kissed.

Thet got marriage and they had 2 children. They were happy and Jane was waiting operation date  for her eyes…..

By Paul (Bilal)

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