Jenny’s life

 This is  a real story about Jenny.She had long blond hair. Also she was tall.She lived with her parents. When she was 19 years old, she had a boyfriend.He was handsome and attractive. They were in love with each other and she wanted to marry him. So one night she talked with her parents. She said that she wanted to get married to him.But her parents didn’t want her to marry him.They tried to explain why they didn’t want thet.But she was extremelyin love. She never changed her mind. So she fell out with her parents. Then she left home.


She had an older sister and she went to live with her.When she was arriving her sister’s home she looked sad.Her sister asked, “what happened?”Jenny told her about her problem with her parents.Her sister calmed her down and her sister wanted her to leave it to time.Two months later she broke up with her boyfriend. Because her boyfriend cheated on her with other girls.She was dissappointed and depressed and she wanted to change her life. Also she hadn’t been listening her parents when she left her parents home. She went back her parents’ home and talked to them. She said she was so sorry about her behavior. She began to live with her parents again.


One day she went to a bookshop and  bought a book. It was “How can you change your life?”. She read all the book and decided to go to an art college. So she did. There, she met a handsome  boy at the college who wanted to become a director. He had rich parents. They were very understanding. And they got on well with each other. I mean Jenny and her new boyfriend. After a while, they became a nice couple. When their college finished, he wanted to make a film.He asked her “Could you act in my film”. She said, “yes”. They started to make the film. When it was showing around the World, she became famous. And she made lots of money. She decided to buy a new house. Because she still lived with her parents. She found a good hause and boughtit. She began to live with her boyfriend in her house.Her boyfriend wanted to make a second film. But before he asked her about that  he asked another one “Could you marry me?” She said, “yes”. One month later they got merried. And then they lived happily ever after.


by Zugo



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