Once upon a time there was a man and a woman, his wife. They wanted to have a baby. A long time afterwards she realised that she was waiting for a baby. One day, she was looking out at her neighbour’s garden. There were very beautiful flowers and some vegetables. A kind of special lettuce got the woman’s eyes. She was fascinated at once and she couldn’t anything else but the lettuce she saw. ” Either I eat this lettuce or I die” she said to herself. She stopped eating. So she lost a lot of weight. Her husband went to the garden and took some lettuce secretly because he was worried about his wife. This garden belonged to a witch. While he was picking up the lettuce, the witch saw him. “if you take my lettuce, you will have to give me your baby” she said. The man said “OK, I will” because he was so afraid but actually he didn’t want to give the baby. However, his wife was going from bad to worse. Several weeks later, their baby was born. The very day, the witch came and took the baby away. She named the baby Rapunzel. This name meant a kind of lettuce. The witch looked after Rapunzel very well. She became so beautiful when she got twelve. The witch took Rapunzel away to a tower which was in a forest. And it didn’t have any staircases. It only had a small window. When the witch visited her, she said “Rapunzel, let’s grow your hair longer”. Rapunzel let her hair grow and the witch climbed holding onto it. One day kin’s son saw Rapunzel and fell in love with her. He went to see her like the was the witch did. They loved each other. But one day the watch saw them and got angry so she cut Rapunzel’s hair. She also sent her to a desert. But a long time later, the lovers found each other again.  And their story ended happily.

by Gamze


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