Bayramoğlu Döner – My favourite

Bayramoğlu Döner is in Kavacık. This lovely restaurant opened ten years ago with only few dining tables. But people liked it so much so they bought some more shops around and developed the restaurant. There are six döner counters and they use all of them together because they work intensively. They serve döner with green peppers, pickled green peppers, tomato salad with olive oil in a stylish plate no sooner than you sit down to dine. This restaurant is always busy and full of people until evening from midday. Above all things, they make döner on firewood. They especially use lambs from Trakya. Döner in here looks wonderful, it’s thin-sliced and golden roasted. They bake lavash bread themselves. A portion of döner is 110gr and costs 12TL. However, a single portion is never enough for many people. The record is 900gr with a customer.

by Gamze


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