When I was about 2 or 3 years old we had an accident. My father, my mom, my sisters and brother. We had set off to go to a  village  all together. It was first time for us. My father was the one who was driving the car. I don’t remember but my mom has told me.

After leaving  Istanbul we were having a few breaks at different places. Last break was in Tokat-Niksar. My mom said,” we need a break for children”. And we stopped in Niksar. When we stopped there was an old man who came and asked,” my son, may I come with you?” My father apologised saying “The car is full. I’m sorry.” ThEn old man wanted a glass of water. After drinking we left there. According to my mother told, my father was very tired and sleepy on the way. After that break, my dad’s eyes were closed a few mom noticed that and many times told him , “we should stopHarun, please”. After 2 hours we got to the village. My father stubbornly didn’t stop. consequently,  when my father’s eyes closed the car started to move to right of the way and fell into the pit. My father woke up and wound the steering to the left quickly. After the car went on two wheels for a while rolled over 3 or 4 times and fell over into field beside the road. People who were working there and soldiers ran towards the car. The car was turned reverse. Firstly my dad was out of the car. After my mom, my sisters and my brother… But I wasn’t there. Everyone began to look for me. Some people thought I jumped out  from the car window. It was true. But I was not too far away. I was under the car. When the car rolled I jumped from car and the car fell on me. The moment my father saw me he turned the car upside down and picked up me. While I got into his the arms, they believed I was killed. My mom was saying, “don’t worry Harun everything is from God.” While everybody thought I had died my dad shook me and i began crying. I was back. Everybody said “Thank Goodness”. All of us survived. I still have a sign from that day. A stitch in my head. Since that day, whenever I have a problem, I think that if I managed to stay alive in that accident, it means I have to do something more in life.

Tony – Oğuzhan


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