This film that I’m going to write about is really interesting. There are two main characters  in the film, a man and a woman. The woman lives in 2002 and the man lives in 2000!

                One day, the woman decides to buy a new house and she buys a lake house. When she moves to the house, there’s a dog that lives in this house. Next days, dog suddenly starts barking. Woof woof woof!… Cause, there is a letter in the letter box. She runs near the dog and sees the letter. This is her first letter! The letter has been sent by a man. She gets very surprised. And than she quickly writes something to this man. After two letters, they learn that they live in different years from each other!

                Next days, they fall in love and they decide to meet. How will this happen? The woman finds the man two years later and while woman has been waiting for the man in a street, an accident happens. The man dies! And they can never see each other, unfortunately.



Moly – Hilal


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