James had always wanted to sail to Australia because his girlfriend had been going to university in Sydney. Even though he didn’t want it so much, he managed to persuade his parents to come with him. At first everybody was having a great time, apart from Penny, who was scared of the sea. Then one day there was a terrible storm. During the storm, James’ father Steve tried to make them calm down. All of a sudden, the boat started being filled up with water as one side of it sank into the sea was hit over and over againg by each wave. Steve discovered that they weren’t able to radio for help since there was no signal. Luckily, Penny spotted an island close by, and screamed with happiness. All family were OK except for Alice, who had fallen down into the sea. Despite their situation, everybody managed to stay alive and they were still able to laugh. The next day, Steve tried to repair the boat and the radio. However, he knew that it was impossible. Meanwhile, Alice and James began searching the island, looking around the nearest places. Due to the fact that she was crying at the same time, Penny couldn’t see anything so she just didn’t go around and stayed instead. Since they didn’t have any water, they had to survive on sea water. And in the evenings, instead of trying to go back, they prefered going to the nearest island there. James was enjoying his new life on the island, whereas they didn’t know where they were. And although Alice loved the island, she was becoming very concerned about staying on the island for a long time. After the family had lived on the island for a few days, Steve found some dead bodies of people who had been eaten. That was the moment he realised that they had to get out of the island as soon as possible because they weren’t the only human beings there were also lots of zombies…

Ezgi, 2010

P.S. One of my greatest students  who also has a wonderful personality



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