Experiments conducted on animals

The most important reason for allowing experiments on animals is that it has helped science to develop and   thousands of people suffering from incurable illnesses to be treated and also thanks to them  vaccines have been developed against diseases like rabies, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and TB. Antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer treatments rely on animal tests. (Adam Stockdale, April 23,2009). Thanks to vivisection we are supplied with not only vital medicines and treatment but also vital information and precautions against diseases, so thinking of these benefits giving up animal experimentation would be really illogical.
Another reason for letting animal experimentation is that, by nature, humans and some animals such as mice and rats , whose bodies react to illnesses and cures as well as humans do, are alike. Beyond doubt, this means maybe not all of the researches but most of them made on animals are at the same time valid and reliable for humans. While we have such a wonderful opportunity for making our lives healthier and happier, isn’t it meaningless and nonsense to oppose to animal experimentation?
Finally, I would like to thank all the people in scientific studies who have found solutions to diseases.
                                                             Your eye student is VeDaT 🙂

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