If I were the mayor

Istanbul is a big city so there are many problems in here. One of them is pollution I think. There aren’t enough rubbish bins. For example if you want to throw some rubbish away while walking you have to look for a rubbish bin for ages. Another problem is recycling I think. Because in Turkey recycling isn’t known and almost no recycling bins are available in the streets. Moreover, traffic jam is the biggest problem in Istanbul and there isn’t enough space to park. Also car parks are not safe. On the other hand, unfortunately cycling lanes are not common in Turkey. Instead people generally use their cars or public transport.

If I were the mayor of Istanbul, I could start with sorting out pollution problem. I would provide more rubbish bins. And I think recycling is so important. I would put lots of recycling bins everywhere possible for paper, glass bottles and plastics. Cycle lanes and public transport would be widespread. Because when everybody uses their own car, this causes traffic jam and of course more air pollution including noise. I would cut down public transport prices to encourage people use them more. Furthermore, I would maintain cinemas, art galleries and places to go out at night. I think places like these help people relax more. Citizens in Istanbul who are fed up with noise and traffic jam, the hectic life need them more than the other.

Güldeniz – Rose


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