The capital of the country is Yeni Delhi. It has got lots of mountains and plains. India is in the north of the equator. This country has the second biggest population of the world because 1.2 billion people live there. They are using English when writing but they speak eight hundred fifty different languages. People are divided into five different ethnic groups. The population is getting bigger year after year so this country comes second after China.

People deal with farming all the time. Climate is hot. They can grow lots of different fruit and vegatables. They can also grow coffee.

You should see Taj Mahal. It is famous for its echo.  Their food is famous for their spices. They use lots of spices in their dishes. So you must be careful when you are eating in India. Sometimes it could be quite chilly and hot. India is like a spice country.

Tourists can buy really interesting and traditional outfits. You should travel by train to get around in the city.

India is the first country in the world about cattles. Cows are are accepted holy in their religion. I don’t understand if cows are holly but at the same time they eat meat. Interesting…

If you ask me if I’d like to see India, I’d definitely say yes because I’m interested in China and India.

Trudy/ Esra


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